Monday, July 10, 2017

The Nanka Kyudo Kai makes it's home base at the PJCI - Pasadena Japanese Cultural Institute.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


The dojo is a Place of the The Way.
Today we usually think of martial arts when we say or here the word dojo.
But the dojo was a temple building where The Way was put into arts and other practices.
Each one designed to help us on this path of The Way.

nin gen kei sei - to be human

In Zen we say we have no goal. We just do what the ancients did, living reality as it is. But there is such a writing that says the goal, if there is one, is nin gen kei sei "to be human, or become human." Perhaps we can twist this a bit to say to be humane. For the qualities of being human we mean by this phrase is like that, to be humane.

This means to be Kind, to be compassionate. After all Compassion and Wisdom are to be the two pillars of our lives.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Which is more important?

Our group was doing a ceremony for the local Japanese Community.
We were joined by a fairly large group of local Buddhist Priests from other temples.
One of the older Abbots asked me a question. "So you do kyudo with him too, right?" As he laid his hand toward my teacher. "Yes" I responded. "So, tell me then, in kyudo which is the most important the taihai (approach) or the Hassettsu (8 stages, of shooting)?

The Ogasawara Sensei all cleaned the dojo when they visited. When we took the mops from them, they just went outside and started raking and cleaning up; we couldn't stop them. Everytime we took ono job from them they found another.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Alaska Kyudo Renmei

June 9 & 10 Yachiyo and I did a workshop with Delfin Labrador in Anchorage Alaska.
We decided to form the Alaska Kyudo Renmei and promote the art of kyudo in Alaska.

These are the adults that attended the workshop; we also had almost a dozen kids too.
I didn't post the kids pic at this time, because I want to respect the privacy and get permission from their parents.

These are the group's leaders: Yachiyo Beal; Budo Rick; Delfin Labrador; and Bill Templin.
Bill and Jeremy perform Ritsu-Rei (standing bow) before the approach the target.

Congratulations to Labrador Sensei and everyone in Alaska for their accomplishment.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

We lost a dear friend and Kyudo Dokokai Instructor, Bodhihanna Kistner. Bodhihanna was almost 89 years old when she passed away in Maui Hawaii.

This pic is from August 2013. For 6 years Bodhihanna and Budo Rick have been leading kyudo workshops in Maui Hawaii. They held most of the workshops at the Lahaina Jodo Mission.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Types of Meditation in Zen (by jyozen) (draft 1)

Though promoted as types of meditative techniques, in fact all of these are intended to as ways of being in the world; and as a result of being in the world in a certain way.

1. Shikantaza = Just Precisely Sitting. Promoted by Dozen Zenji as the proper way to do zazen.

2. Zazen = Sitting Absorbed. Comes from Zenna (Absorption Meditation); which is said to be the meditation Shakyamuni Butsu found himself, both naturally as a child watching his father work, and when sitting under the 'Bodhi' tree to awaken. Absorption Meditation means to be absorbed into reality as it is, as Reality itself absorbs us... so there is no separation between us. We are living in Reality, and Reality lives in us. This is said to be our natural human state, which results in natural humane behavior. In Zen all other meditations are thought to be the result of living in Zenna. Though they can be used as meditations in and of themselves, they should eventually lead one to be in Zenna, so that they should be, not just a meditative technique, but will be naturally a part of our lives.

3. Meiso- Japanese Meditation. As most cultures, the Japanese too, always had their own meditations as well; these are usually put under the category of meiso. Since it's used for many meditation, the meaning of each character takes no various connotations according to it's use. But generally relates to the natural sitting of the mind. Me relates to the eyes, and often is said to be eyes closed, or eyes resting (often interpreted as 1/2 closed in a natural resting position). 'i' is harder but deals with nature and natural. So is the mind or thoughts, which should rest naturally like the eyes. In this way there is no separation between Nature, our body (eyes), and our mind. Meiso can be used with all of the Zen Meditations as they descended to it through it's Buddhist heritage.

4. Nen-Meiso = Nen is Mindfulness. Mindfulness Meditation means to be aware of all time/space... Of our place in relation to all time/space. It has the meaning of both being right here / right now and also remembering all here's and all now's... thus connection past-present-future as one here now. This is often used as a Meditation in Daily Life during all of our daily activities. Nen-Meiso is the natural result of living in Zenna.

5. Kan-Meiso = Kan is Insight; or to see clearly into reality... Looking deeply into Reality.

6. Kida-Meiso = aka Sanmai; This is to be established; focused; concentrated; determined.

7. Jaku-Meiso = Tranquility.

8. Kakusoku = Immediately Awake. This is an interesting type of awareness, where it settles no where, with no distinction. Naturally, immediately we are awake. This is often thought to be the true teaching of Soto-shu Zen.


Friday, April 14, 2017

New Zealand 2017

The 2017 Asia Oceania Seminar and Shinsa was held in New Zealand. It was the first time that this event was held outside of Japan. Because I had visited the Australian and New Zealand groups the previous couple of years in a row, I decided to support this event; and they decided to help support my attendance as well. It was a great experience all the way round.

For the Seminar I was #123 out of 131 participants.

For the Shinsa I was #128 out of 128. The last man standing, as it were.

West Australia Kyudo Kai Visit 2017

Visited my friends at the West Australian Kyudo Association (WAKA) in Perth Australia.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Sydney Australia Visit 2017

Budo Rick. Kai - Full Draw - Sydney Australia - March 2017