Monday, April 9, 2012

Yumi Futokoro - Bow and the inbetween space

As many of you know, I have a stack of kyudo journals; from my first day to the present. I often peruse these journals for reminders of our path, of some teaching that may have slipped my mind for a bit.

These journals are filled not only with my experiences, but filled with words of wisdom from the many teachers I have encountered along the way.

Although I tailor every class to the needs of those that are present, I usually carry in my mind some theme I have gleaned from the journals.

This week I would like to share one with you, and ask that as you change your clothes for practice and as you train, perhaps you too could carry this weeks phrase with you.

Yumi Futokoro is a word we use in kyudo. Yumi is of course the bow. Futokoro means in between space. Futokoro is most often talked about in our school of tea, and is used in conjunction with the kimono. It refers to the space between the kimono and the body; this space dictates how we wear the kimono. Yumi Futokoro then, is the space between the bow and our body.

Please be aware of inbetween spaces…

Thank you,