Monday, January 11, 2010

In shazendo there are 10,000 targets;
we must hit them all.

yet be attached to none.

First find the tanden
The center of the universe.

Reach to the target you can see
the one everyone wants to hit.

Find the invisible target
that lies behind you
where one would be if you just turned around and looked.

If you can hit the tanden, it's all you need
If you can hit the visible one, many will envy you.

If you can hit these two, many will me in awe.

To hit all three, you are on your way.
Only a few will hit all three.

Only one out of 10,000 can find all 10,000 targets.
But really rare are those of us who,
once we have them all,
are willing to let them go.

It only takes an instant,
it's actually a wonderful experience.
and very easy to do.

Will you do it?
Will you do it now?