Monday, October 1, 2012

Kamae - Position / Base / Stance

The teaching lies within each of us, and all of us.

Kamae 構え - Our presence, our position in the world, can often have a profound affect. We must be aware of how we stand.

In 'Do' arts we have 'Kamae'. Kamae is used to mean a stance. It is the base from which we move. It implies both position and movement. In kyudo every 'stop and no stop' posture as we pause to transition, this can be said to be Kamae. As we train please keep our Kamae in mind. Our positions and stances that we take in life are very important. Kokoro no Kamae is extremely important. Please give attention to these stances between the movements.

Every Kamae is accompanied by an inzo or seal. The Kamae includes the whole posture (wholeself, both body and mind/heart and more) the inzo is this as well, but concentrated on the extremities especially the hands, fingers and even the finger nails; the position of the inzo seals an intent that his naturally held within the shape and directions of the hands. These seals once formed have put into place the power of the Kamae and set the direction of this power.

The effect on the world of one individual being quiet and still is quite profound; the geometric increase of this, with each added individual is one of the greatest gifts we can give. Our profound presence is a fantastic present, in this present moment; This place in the universe effects directly the root of all suffering, of our ignorance, and the very root of our existence. Not just for the individual but for everyone and everything. It is of the greatest importance.

If we then interact in our daily lives from this place of profound connection! Imagine! Vision! Action! Daily activity of stillness and action... stillness in action... action in stillness... for there is no separation.